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Delivered to new or existing retail employees, workplace traineeships provide an opportunity to gain formal skills to build a career in service and retailing.  Traineeships  also provides a tool for employers to build  a skilled workforce and to  acknowledged  learning and development in the workplace.

SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail Services is best suited to those new to the industry and helps to build an understanding of the operational aspects of retailing.

SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations  provides those moving into or working in supervisory positions with the structure and models to attack these job roles with confidence and to expand their skills.fundingUser Choice funding is available for eligible  employees and depending on the qualification, Commonwealth incentives may also be available to employers.  To navigate the funding opportunities, a relationship with an Australian Apprentice centre is important.  Contact us on 33496538 and we can provide an introduction to one of these workplace is different and the mix of employees varies.  While our  standard practice is to send a dedicated trainer to visit the student in the workplace every 4- 6 weeks, this model is adapted to suit each employer and trainee.  In order for us to provide advice on the these formal training options and discuss traineeships in  greater detail, please call 33496538 or contact us.